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What is Next?

Technocratic Government in the Europe could bring up the much awaited changes in the whole system and it has the capability of stopping what is looking inevitable at the moment.One big problem with the world is that it has become increasingly polarized and in the absence of a clear-cut global leader no one is willing to come up and help the troubled economies. In today’s capricious, complex environment there is no margin for error. My topic for this article is to take the discussion on what happens now.

As far as Greece in concerned I believe the Economist PM can bring a change. Some changes are palpable as he firmly wants Greece to continue to be a Euro member and secondly his sound policies has helped Greece, as it look now, to avoid the debt crisis tragedy. The signals that Italy is sending currently are not very positive for Investors and this political hassle might continue to be a problem.

Euro zone institutions and politics have to be reshaped to prevent this type of crisis from ever happening again. Until this risk is mitigated, lending costs will stay high for a long time to come.

I do not think that the Euro will fracture for one there is no clear-cut policy for opting out from the group and also The Governments of the troubled economies believe that it is in their good to continue to be a member so they are reluctant to drop out and I believe no one will. They Cost of opting out seem to outweigh the benefits.

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