I am very much interested in marketing and I believe this is the most important function of a business. Without marketing all the other functions would be obsolete, Accountants would agree with me on this when I say for there to be a bottom line there must be a top line.  Marketing is not just a function of business, it is a philosophy and in which you keep the customers at the heart of every activity you perform. This particular concept has led to the invention of a new term called holistic marketing but with good things come bad things too and same is the case with marketing. One of my favorite Professor here at IIMB, once mentioned about an article which was published in The Marketing Journal, AMA by RN Farmer named would you want your daughter to marry a marketing guy. For those of you who have access, this article is available on JSTOR and for those who don’t I would surely post a link for the free copy or May be type it here, if I find this article in our library


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