Sarcasm-The Mighty Weapon.

During My college life I came in to touch with many people of different casts, creeds and Sex. This is One of the advantages of being in a national institute,You think? Not so much. In today’s modern world where technology has taken over everything, it’s easier to find god but you can’t find people of your taste. But eventually, you’ll have to end up being their friend or at least La personne de confiance, and have to suffer their incessant talks and Zero sense of humor.
So What is the  une solution out of this severe problem. There is great tool  that Language has gifted us, We all have heard about it but haven’t used it that much lately and that is SARCASM, being SARCASTIC can help you a big time. So if anyone is doing your head in, don’t try to bury your head in the sand, just keep your head above water and Shoot him with sarcasm followed by a fake smile. And believe me this baby never misses, It’s the best Combo available in the multiplex of language…
According to me Sarcasm is a great tool to tell people innocuously what you really think of them. Being Sarcastic is cool, being sarcastic is A la mode.

3 thoughts on “Sarcasm-The Mighty Weapon.

  1. Enrique says:

    Yes! I have met same kind o people in my life but never thought of dealing them in this way.. Thanks for this wonderful Article.

  2. ANKUR SHARMA says:

    hehe..nice way of dealing with many a “CHOMS”…gr8 work buddy…keep it up

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